HydraMarine 150T Capacity Knuckle Boom Crane with AHC for SALE

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Hydra Marine 150T Capacity Knuckle Boom Crane with AHC for SALE SWL 150T @ 10 meter SWL 100T @ 15 meter SWL 75T @ 20 meter SWL 25T @ 35 meter SWL 15T @ 37 meter YOM: 2006 Want to know more about this Hydra Marine 150T Capacity Knuckle Boom Crane with AHC and interested in receiving pictures and data sheets? Please contact us directly at support@mantismarine.com Vision Our vision is to be on- and offshore equipments’ most customer and project centric company; to build a platform where organizations in the marine industry can come to find and discover any equipment they may need to successfully run, complete and expand their maritime operations and projects. Mission Our name was inspired by the Mantis shrimp, a small shrimp with extraordinary unmatchable powers. For instance, the eyes of the Mantis shrimp are among the most advanced eyes in the animal kingdom. With lots of small eye parts moving in different directions. Where humans have binocular vision, each one of the Mantis shrimp’s eye creates three separate images, resulting into a trinocular eyeball. The Mantis shrimp has two of these eyeballs, meaning it’s senocular. Human eyes can detect three colour wavelengths, the Mantis shrimp can detect twelve, nine more than the human eyes. We believe in unburdening and relieving our customers from any equipment distress by offering excellent, innovative, straightforward, flexible and customer-tailored maritime equipment solutions. Inspired by the extraordinary vision capabilities of the Mantis shrimp, we intend to serve our customers by exploring the globe and conducting worldwide searches to track beneficial opportunities that serve any of our customers’ equipment needs like a Hydra Marine 150T Capacity Knuckle Boom Crane with AHC. www.mantismarine.com

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Price: To be Discussed

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