Large Diameter Power Cable Plough for SALE

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Large Diameter Power Cable Plough for SALE Variable depth control to 3.3 meter Multiple forecutter share Pivoting Bellmounth for cable handling 150 KW Jetting Supply Large bend radius of 5.0 meter Shallow water jetting capability to 0.5 meter Sophisticated LARS and Tow winch Subsea loading and unloading capability Want tot learn more about this Large Diameter Power Cable Plough? Please send a mail to Vision Our vision is to be on- and offshore equipments’ most customer and project centric company; to build a platform where organisations in the marine industry can come to find and discover any equipment they may need to successfully run, complete and expand their maritime operations and projects. Mission We believe in unburdening and relieving our customers from any equipment distress by offering excellent, innovative, straightforward, flexible and customer-tailored maritime equipment solutions. Inspired by the extraordinary vision capabilities of the Mantis shrimp, we intend to serve our customers by exploring the globe and conducting worldwide searches to track beneficial opportunities that serve any of our customers’ equipment needs like a Large Diameter Power Cable Plough.

Equipment Type: Rent, Purchase
Price: To be Discussed

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