LARGE Multi Purpose Deck Barge for SALE

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LARGE Multi Purpose Deck Barge Ideal for moving large structures like (Offshore wind) jackets, turbines, modules and structures to be transported by SPMT's. • Built 2014 • Size 140m x 40m x 12m; 1.7m minimum draft • Unique buoyancy control system, using water and air ballasting • 100% system redundancy • 24,000m3/hr capacity water ballast system • 12,000m3/hr capacity air ballast system • Extreme tidal variation handling up to 10m • 20t/m2 uniform deck load, with heavy bulkheads and strongpoints • 5,600m2 deck space • 20,000t combined cargo capacity • Designed for maximum self-propelled modular trailer (SPMT) loads and skidding in excess of 10,000t • Integrated mooring and hydraulic roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) ramp system • On-board crew day facilities, power generation, hydraulics and fire safety systems Want more information on this LARGE Multi Purpose Deck Barge please contact us at Are you a BROKER and have the buyer "in hand" with solid interest to purchase the barge? Please make contact with us so we can add you to our special broker list and protect the buyers and your interests!

Equipment Type: Purchase
Price: To be Discussed

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