Sheerleg crane pontoon with 680T lifting capacity (sold/scrapped)

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Sheerleg crane pontoon with 680T lifting capacity (sold/scrapped)

This crane was built in 1977 and at that time it was required with 50% overload test lift, so the crane was test loaded with 750 mt.

The current required test load is 10 % overload and the crane has been tested with 750 tonnes and can be certified for 680 mt.

NOTE: Sheerleg crane is in good condition, pontoon will need some overhauling, Owners are willing to sell the crane seperately from the pontoon.

Dimensions of pontoon:    51.00m x 22.50m x 4.70m

 Max. Loaded draught:   4.00m

 Light displacement:     1325 tons

 Ballast capacity:   1400 tons

 Machinery:      Installed: 1 x 300 hp tunnel-mounted schottel forward

 Classification: Bureau Veritas 1-3/3 t DEEP SEA (Pontoon) (out of class at the moment)

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